• Metal/Nonmetal Laser Cutting System
  • Metal/Nonmetal Laser Cutting System
  • Ball screws are imported to provide high cutting stability and extended lifespan. In addition to the laser from Chinese supplier, the metal/nonmetal laser cutting machine ...
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  • Fiber Laser Cutting System
  • Fiber Laser Cutting System
  • In comparison with CO2 laser cutter with the same power, the fiber laser cutter has faster cutting speed. For example, the cutting speed of 500W ...
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Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer in China

Beijing Daheng Laser Equipment Company is a Chinese manufacturer of laser cutting machine. Founded in 2000, we are a subsidiary company of Daheng New Epoch Technology, Inc. Our primary products include sheet metal laser cutting machine, acrylic laser cutting machinery and die board laser cutting equipment which are used to cut stainless steel, carbon steel, various acrylic materials, die board, PVC, and more.

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